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About us

Since the company began in the early 1980’s Robson Engineering has amassed vast experience of automotive precision engineering. We have worked with most of the top names in the business and have established a proud reputation for product quality and reliability. Supplying the autosport, classic, OEM and industrial engine markets worldwide, we have a reputation for being masters at manufacturing connecting rods and other automotive parts specifically to our customers needs in batches of one upwards. We also stock a range of standard con rods to suit most vehicles. Whatever your engine requirements, we can provide the components you want. From a one-off for Clubman Racing to scheduled batches for OEMs.

Motorsport & Performance

We supply all areas of Motorsport from grass roots level to Formula 1. Offering in-house design services working closely with the customers requirements we have produced many winning components and our client base has returned time and again. We also carry some popular stock lines for this market which are held by a number of stockists and distributors worldwide.

Historic & Classic Restoration

Many owners wish to retain the authenticity of their original engines but also take benefit from modern materials, bearing technology, bolting and lubrication systems. We offer a design and advisory service to help deliver these advantages, starting with either a pattern in the form of the original component or working from drawings. Over the company’s history a considerable database of specifications for high performance engine components has been accumulated. This experience means we are familiar with a wide range of engine types from pre-war Bugatti to post-war Maserati through to more recent thoroughbreds such as Judd. We supply parts for the aforementioned vehicles regularly and also supply many classic sports car engine restorers specialising from Bentleys to Model ‘T’ Fords.

OEMs & Industrial Engines

We offer manufacturing for OEMs from initial prototypes and pre-production parts through to low volume production components. We manufacture product for this market from solid steel billet or machining of cast and forged components, either free issue or complete supply.

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