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Geoff Page Racing prides itself on state-of-the-art engine building and car preparation, having built a longstanding reputation as race and rally engine specialists working across the entire motorsport spectrum – most notably with Group B rally cars and turbo Formula 1 cars. Headed by Geoff Page – a successful racer in his own right – the Essex-based company has been responsible for many championship winning cars and engines at the highest level of the sport around the world.
Ford BDT engines in build
Compromise is not a concept accepted in business by Geoff. He explained: “We have a well-established network of specialist suppliers and we expect the highest achievable standards from them.” Geoff Page Racing and Robson Engineering have worked closely together on a variety of projects over a number of years, and Geoff clearly values the strength of that relationship. He continued: “All our connecting rods are manufactured by Robson Engineering, and the fact that we have no need for a second source option is the greatest compliment that I can pay them.
“We often find that original parts can no longer be sourced, so we have to remanufacture components to resemble the originals as closely as possible. This will often mean incorporating more modern technology to increase longevity, and Robson have fully embraced this requirement. “They supply conrods specifically to my needs and dimensions, and we are always very happy with the work they do.” One of the many examples of the two companies’ ongoing business relationship can be found on the Mach II Racing Pikes Peak programme – for which Geoff Page Racing have provided the RS200 Evolution engines over recent years.
Geoff with Bruno Senna
The engine incorporates a jointly conceived conrod solution, and Geoff further explained: “These Evolution engines are 2.4 litre BDTE’s and run the most fantastic high quality Robson rods we could achieve. The engines on the dyno reliably make just over 1000 horse power and 900 lb/ft torque.” The two companies are currently engaged on Geoff’s latest key project – the development of a new aluminium YB cylinder block rated at 1000 brake horse power for which Robson have provided a set of bespoke rods. Geoff is clearly enthused by this latest reverse engineering development project. He said: “It’s based on a Sierra Cosworth YB engine system, and we believe there’s nothing out there at the moment that can achieve the levels of reliability we are aiming for.” A prototype engine is currently being constructed to evaluate the block, and Geoff comments: “We will need a very good set of engine components – which of course means having high quality conrods. “Robson’s reliability in their field is second-to-none, and they always deliver the required volumes on time within the agreed cost schedule. “All looks good so far with the project and we look forward to a successful launch later in the year.” Geoff concluded with a final endorsement of Robson Engineering as a supplier: “We find that with Robson, we get what we really ask for – not just forced to accept what we are given, as can often be the case with a lot of manufacturers these days.”

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